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15 x Formaldehyde Kick Drum Loops “155bpm” with applied Automation (So since there is Automation on these Kicks you get atleast 5+ different Kicks in each Loop once you chop them up). These will make your Tracks sound better MAYBE :-P. 16.68mb Download



I made these Kicks in a SHORT 145 loops. At the start of the loop is a clean 1 shot of the Kick itself.

Made using only an iPad2

New Pack 10 x TeknoCore Kicks
+ Solo Demo i made from the Kicks.

Free Standalone Plugin Synth i made for NTR several months ago. This really is the Noizy Carnt Maker…. I designed the interface to suit the way this thing sounds from V1.0 which was based on the same concept as this, being a evil Noize Box. It was more of a fun creation and somehow i fucked up the VST .dll file on the Automation side, so i decided to scrap the VST (.dll) of this and keep it as a fun standalone Synth. (Extract, Double Click, and use your Computer Keyboard to trigger sounds…. Turn Knobs etc and have FUN)

20 x Pots clashing with Pans and Spoons etc.

Formaldehyde Kicks Vol2 – Tech vs Core
10 x Tech
10 x Hardcore
That is all :-).

20 x Industrial, Hardcore etc. 1 Shot Kick Drums .wav

Welcome to Industrial Core Sampling:
FREE Hardcore, Industrial, Breakcore Sample Packs